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Safety Classes

Safety classes offered by Instructor Juanita Allen.

BLAST Babysitting
  • BLAST = Babysitting Lessons and Safety Training
  • Are you a boy or girl who enjoys kids and wants to make money babysitting?
  • This 3.5-hour course covers how to handle and react responsibly to medical emergencies and injuries, perform first aid for common childhood injuries and illnesses, entertain with games and songs and set-up your own babysitting business.
  • Participants receive a wallet-sized certificate of completion and a sitter checklist to copy for each job.
  • Please bring a water & snack!
CPR, First Aid, AED Training
  • This course provides a complete health and safety training solution for those who need First Aid training.
  • The CPR portion teaches lay rescuers how to recognize and treat life-threatening emergencies.
  • AED training will cover how to use an AED safely.
  • Upon completion, students will receive 2 year certification in First Aid/CPR and AED.
  • Please bring water and a snack!

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